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Kel-Mor Products

We offer many different types of sand and gravel to choose from for your Chilliwack project, including mason sand, playground sand, filter sand, and crushed gravel, A gravel and B gravel.
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Topsoil is a vital nutrient to New or already existing Trees, Lawns & Gardens. Topsoil is food for greenery, more good food the greener we will be!
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Mulch and ground covers are both excellent options for beautifying your garden.
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Lava Rock
Red lava stone richly enhances your landscape with little effort. Offers a great look and minimal maintenance. Does not attract wood pests like mulch
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Whether you’re installing a sandbox, adding drainage stones, or beautifying a water feature in your garden, you need aggregate.
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Round Rock
Great for drainage, Dog runs and low cost decorative applications.
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Crush Rock
We tailor our crushed stone to the specifications for your Chilliwack project and deliver it on schedule to your work site.
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Large Rock
Depending on the size, Rip Rap can be used for decorative landscaping, rock walls, erosion control, etc. We always suggest customers come in to view our products before delivery
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We also sell compost to enrich your flowerbeds and gardens.
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Miscellaneous Products
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